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About Lice

Head lice is a growing epidemic, especially this year with known mutant species affecting millions. Lice have been recently becoming immune to the traditional medications which use chemicals and pesticides to try to kill the lice off. The only true 100% way to remove head lice from your hair involves using a certain combing technique to remove all nits from the hair. It is recommended that you use a trained lice professional to guarantee the lice have been completely removed.

Life Cycle

It takes 8-12 days for nits to develop and hatch. A nit is considered the egg and typically it takes about 1 to 2 weeks for them to hatch.  Once a nit hatches, a nymph will appear. It will take roughly 7-10 days for a nymph to mature into an adult and be able to lay eggs.

Adult Lice can lay up to 10 eggs a day and roughly 300 eggs in its lifecycle before it dies.

This cycle will continue until all eggs/nymphs/adults have been removed from your hair and home. If your head is not treated correctly the infestation may and can come back and continue to get worse as time goes by.

Lice have mutated over the past several years and have become immune to many chemical treatments. and are simply no longer effective to killing off lice.

Not only is our all natural treatment more effective, it is also a safe alternative to the chemical treatments.

According to Scorecard.org, “Seizures, behavioral changes, attention deficit disorders, brain injury, skin diseases, and even death have been reported to the United States-based National Pediculosis Association’s registry by people who have used chemical treatments to get rid of head lice or scabies”.