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Why Use Three Blind Lice For Your Home Lice Treatment Service?

✔ Three Blind Lice uses an extensive, all organic treatment process, that is 100% guaranteed to get rid of lice.

✔ We also instruct our patients on in-home delousing practices and preventive maintenance to avoid future infestation.

✔ We offer discreet in-home treatments to provide your family with a private, stress-free environment; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

✔ All of our treatment processes have been evaluated and Physician-Approved.

✔ Three Blind Lice only uses all-natural, non-toxic products from Fairy Tales Hair Care for our treatments. 

✔ Free Head Checks for all household members by one of our experienced technicians.

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Affordable, Convenient Head Lice Removal

We always offer in home services, 24/7 live customer service, an all natural, step-by-step treatment process that is pediatrician approved, school nurse recommended and 100% guaranteed to permanently remove lice from the home.



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