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We come to you because there's no such thing as a fun trip to the lice clinic.

Over-the-counter solutions don’t break open the shells

OTC solutions don’t work because they do not break open the shells of the lice or the nits.  Not only are the chemicals harsh, but they do not kill all the lice and they do not treat the hundreds of eggs that are likely in the hair which almost guarantees that the problem will return.

98% of head lice are now resistant to common treatments

According to a study released in August of 2016 in the Journal of Medical Entomology (JME), lice are becoming more difficult to eradicate. New evidence shows that head lice have developed resistance to common over the counter insecticide treatments for lice infestation.

Home remedies do not work and can be dangerous

Our clients have tried some of the zaniest things to cure themselves of head lice. Covering their head with mayonnaise to dousing their heads in kerosene. These things do not work. Lice have an very tough exoskeleton that protects their breathing system, they are tough and resilient.

If you’ve been researching head lice treatments for a while you have probably come across all sorts of expensive shampoos, sprays, drugs and chemicals; what the companies who sell these “cures” won’t tell you is that…


Our process works every single time...

“The only reliable way to permanently remove all head lice and eggs is manually through a specialized organic hair combing process. Our highly trained technicians are experts at detecting and removing all lice and nits present in your home.”

Affordable, Convenient Head Lice Removal.

We always offer in home services, 24/7 live customer service, an all natural, step-by-step treatment process that is pediatrician approved, school nurse recommended and 100% guaranteed to permanently remove lice from the home.

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