Diagnosis & Treatment

Diagnosis & Treatment

Our technicians will meticulously inspect the hair and scalp to look for any evidence of head lice. Using our doctor approved methods we will insure there are no nit’s or louse in your hair after our treatment. It is important that all family and friends that have been in contact with the infected member get checked as well to avoid re-infestation. People with lice may also be asymptomatic and not even know they are infected!

During our visit, our licensed technician will thoroughly check your head for any lice or eggs. One of the most common symptoms of head lice is itching but not all people experience this.
We do not just do a look and see, we go through every section of the hair to make sure you do not have one nit or louse. It is important that all family members get checked. Head checks typically take an average of 20 minutes per head but can vary based on several factors including hair type, length, etc.
If any lice or nits are detected at your screening, our technician will provide you with our treatment options. Treatment options depend on age, gender, and level of infestation.
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Affordable, Convenient Head Lice Removal.

We always offer in home services, 24/7 live customer service, an all natural, step-by-step treatment process that is pediatrician approved, school nurse recommended and 100% guaranteed to permanently remove lice from the home.

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